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On this page you can see what else is happening behinde the scenes, who we want to thank for supporting us with gear or other help. This is also a page where you can find dog sponsors.

Our partners

Back on Track

Dog gear

We started working with Back on Track in 2022 to provide dog jackets for our superstars. The back on Track jackets are keeping our dogs warm on cheackpoints and on cold days of work/training/racing. We been very happy with what the jackets are doing for our dogs.

Nothern Lights Koirahoidot

Dog massage

Nothern Lights Koirahoidot is a small company runned by my father, who is a dog massage therapist. He has been taking very good care of my dogs since 2019. He has also been a handler for me on races and have also helped me to train the dogs, so he can also see if a dog needs massage.

Non-Stop Dog wear

Dog gear

Since day one we have been using Non-Stop dog wears gear for our dogs, harnesess, booties and jackets.

My mother

Handler and kennel helper

My mother and also my father has been the biggest supporters since day one. Both have helped me along the way and both has been handlers for me and helping me take care of the dogs when ever needed. My mom was my handler on Finnmarksloppet 600 in 2022.

Arctic Runnaway Husky

Mikko and Tiia at Arctic Runnaway Husky has been a big help for me in recent years. When we moved to Kuusamo, Finland they helpped me by housing my dogs at thire kennel. When i was feeling down and had to go to the hospital they cared for my dogs. I can truely say they are true friends that never going to let me down. Bothe supported me in 21/22 season and i wuold say thats a big reason why we finished 3 races that season.

Friends, Help and Support

Erika Zopf

In 2020 i got to work with/for Erika Zopf at Frozen Lake Husky and we became friends, Erika has been a big support for me when i was not feeling good. She helpped me to find my right path in the world of sleddogs again back in 2020. She is also a person i wanna thank for so many reasons but mostely for being my friend.

Friend and Supporter

Bearhill husky

Back in 2015/2016 season when i started working with sleddogs i started at Bearhill husky and thats where im now working as a subcontractor. At Bearhill i learned so much that first season and found the love for sleddogs. Now as a subcontractor we work togheter and i cuold not be more happy to be back and show what things i´ve learned back in the days.

Teacher and co-worker


Here are the names of all the dogs sponsors

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