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Kim Berglund

Sleddog racer and Tour guide

My names is Kim Berglund and i have been around dogs all my life. In 2010 i got in to Agility through my parents and i compeeted and coached in agility for nearly 10 years. In 2015 i got in to sleddogs and it was love at first sight.

In the Spring of 2016 i got my first Alaskan Husky named Po, she was a grand daughter of Handsome (Bread and runned by Lance Mackey). Po was a sweet and calm dog, i got 3 puppy litters out of her and at the moment we got one male out of Po in our race team.

I have had my own kennel since the fall of 2018 when i bought 3 dogs from a friend of mine. Those three dogs where Petra, Tähkä and Irwin. I also runned my first Long Distance sleddog race in 2019, when i runned Lapland Quest 250km with a team of borrowed dogs. After that i have finished 8 Long Distance races both with borrowed dogs as well my own dogs.

In 2015 when i got into sleddogs i started to work as a guide, im still working as a guide and as a subcontractor in the bussines so me and my dogs have money to do what we love and so we can keep our superstars at a top level.

Kim´s finnished races:

- Pasvik trail 240km 4th place in 2024

- Lapland Quest 250km 4th place in 2024

- Pasvik trail 240km 11th place in 2023

- Lapland Quest 15th place in 2023

- Pasvik trail 240km 7th place in 2022

- Finnmarksloppet 600km 31st place in 2022

- Gold Rush Run 501 12th place in 2022

- Lapland Quest 250km 15th place in 2020

- Pasvik trail 240km 8th place in 2019

- Lapland Quest 250km 12th place in 2019

People might ask me, why long dostance racing? Well for me there where no other option, as i started out as a handler for a friend of mine in the fall of 2018 . He is running and training for the Finnmarksloppet 1200km, so i guess there where no option to run in a sprint race with long distance dogs.

Other reason why i like long distance is becouse your out there with the dogs from 24h - 3 days. All the trainig runs that we do with the dogs, all the camping trips and the work that we do. But i guess that the freedom is a thing that drives me to do this crazy lifestyle.

Like i said i have worked as a sleddog guide since 2015, and i still love every bit of it. Eaven though since 2021 our main focus has been on racing in Finnmarksloppet 600km. To be abel to race and maintain a nice dog team we need to work and put in the kilometers on the dogs. It´s also nice to meet new people, both on races and work time.

Kim as a first time finisher of Finmarksloppet 600km

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