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Kim has made his own lines and stake outs since 2019, now you have the chance to get tested lines hand made by Kim.

We aslo offer a sponsorship for our superstars, by sponsoring a dog you will get a name plate of your dog with your name on it as well.




Leader section: 25€

Team section: 45€

Wheel section: 50€

Team Stick section: 55€

Wheel Stick section: 60€

All sections incl.: Necklines

Regular lines

6-dog line: 120€

8-dog line: 160€

10-dog line: 210€

12-dog line: 250€

Stick lines:

6-dog stickline: 130€

8-dog stickline: 180€

10-dog stickline: 230€

12-dog stickline: 285€

Stake outs:

4-dog stake out: 80€

8-dog stake outs: 140€

12-dog stake out: 210€

Both ganglines and stake outs can be made with your measurements or with our measurements.

Sponsor a dog package

We have created a "Sponsor a dog" package that includes you "Sponsoring a dog". By doing so you will get monthly updates on your dog by email. You will aslo recive a wooden plate with the name of your dog with your name on it as well. So basiclly your buying a nameplate as you sponsor your dog.

The sponshorship package is from 1st of august to the mid april. Prices are open with a minimum price per dog, so if someone wants to sponsor a dog with a bigger amount, prices can be found below.

All money that we recive will go to a special made bank account that goes directly to the dogs, like dogfood, Booties, Jackets etc.


Race team (A-team):

Lead dog: 150€

Team/Wheeldog: 100€

Puppy team (B-team):

Lead dog: 80€

Team/Wheeldog: 40€

Puppy: 20€

All prices incl. ALV

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