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A look into our lives

This page is for everyone wondering what a day in our life looks like...


Mushers year?

So not like normal people our year do not start on first of january. Our "Year" goes from first of august to next years april. The summer months untill august is our holiday.

How do we devide the year?

So eaven that our year starts in august we still devide our season up in three, first comes august to end of october. That is our fall training season, thats when we are putting in the hard work to get the dogs in shap. After that comes our work month, december. That is the time of the year we put in all the hard work to earn money to do what we love. Last comes our Race season,  january untill mid march. That is when we race when we are not working.

So what do a day look like on our three season?

First we go through our training season...

On a normal day during training season we start by giving the dogs a morning soup, then its brekfest time for the musher. Dogs comes first you know. After brekfest (about 2h after dogs got there morning soup) we start prepering the lines and harnesses. Then its time to take dogs from there own places to the gangline, first we put the leaders so they keep the line thight and nice. Usally we start the day with a run for the race team and after  that we take the puppy team for a run. Depending what time of the season we are on, but something between 1-3h runs is what we do during the fall training. After the run we relese the dogs so they can run free for a bit before going back to there own places. When we go out for longer runs (like over 1.5h) we give the dogs a small snack when the dogs are still on the gangline. If the run is longer than 2.5h we give them food within 45min after arriving back to the kennel.

Then we have our work season...

On a regular day we start prepering the day around five or six a´clock in the morning. A little different from training season the dogs get there "morning" soup around ten a´clock in the eaving the previuse day. The day starts with some free running before we load the dogs in to the dog trailer. Depending on where we work that day we drive about half an hour to an hour before we get to work and start putting dog on the lines. During the day we kind of go with same kind of style as on races and long training runs, every 2 hours we snack the dogs. The snack the dogs are getting depends on the weather, if its cold we give them more fat (usally meat) and if it´s warm they get something not so fatty (usally dry kibbel on the ground). On an averege work day the dogs are covering around 40-80km. After the work day we once again load the dogs and all the gear and drive back to the kennel. Once we get back we again let the dogs run free for a while to stretch out and play with each other. Pretty soon after we got home we give them a big meal of food, depending on the day around five or six a´clock in the eaving.

1...2...3...GO! Race season...

Once we recovered from december and christmas season it´s time to start prepering for the upcomming race season. Depends on what we are racing for our first race it is in mid or end of januray, races beigin Lapland Quest 250 or Gold Rush Run 501. Once the work starts to slow down a bit we do longer training run from our kennel, our kennel is located in a good spot so we can run 10-120km run or combin trails so we can have over 200km if wanted. We are still working during race season to so the days are looking quite the same as in december, with a littel more trainig from home though. February usally is a no race month but let´s see what next year is going to be ;) In march it´s our main goal, the Finnmarksloppet 600. Worlds touhgest 8-dog race.Thats the thing that we train and work for all year.

So what do the dog do during summer?

A question that we get very often is "What do the dogs do during summer?"...

Well like i said earlyer, dogs are having a holiday during the warmer summer months. Eaven though it´s time of for the dogs we still need to move them so we do alot of free running to still keep them happy and in somekind of shap. Best weather for our supestars is around -15 to -25 degrees celsius. So we can´t really do any pulling training during the summer, usally the dogs knows when its too warm to run and they take it easy, but right when temperature drops to +10 or below the dogs are staring to get exited to run again.

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