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Dogs for sale

On this page you can find our dogs that are looking for new homes and are up for sale. We sell puppys and also adults that dont fit into our kennel or are getting old and not keeping up with our dogs anymore but still might look for a retiermenthome. We try to keep as many dogs as possible when they get old but some times its just better to give the dogs to the right place after they have worked a good career in our kennel. Puppys we only make what we need but sometimes we get more than we need and we want to give them to an active home so they can still develop into great sleddogs.

How it works?
We want to give our dogs a happy life either if they stay with us or move from our kennel, with that said we very much appreciate that everyone who want to give a good home to our dogs send us as much information about them self and the environment that the dog/s will be living in. It´s highly recomended that you visit our kennel to meet the dog/s that you are planing to take and so we can also get to know you and talk everything through. Sleddogs in general make a good partner for an active life, some dogs also make good pets but still they need alot of activity. We also wanna make a contract that if you need to give the dog away that you first contact us about rehoming a dog from our kennel and consider the possibility that that dog will in first hand get back to us. Also in the contract we agree on other terms that we can decide on while making the contract.
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